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The Art of Pasta

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Gift Box Contains:

  • Ceramic Salerno Bowl
  • Dorazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - Frantoio D'Orazio
  • Aceto Balsamico Di Modena IGP Balsamic Vinegar 250ml
  • Agromonte Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce 330gm
  • Sgambaro Traditional Italian Pasta 500gm
The Art of Pasta


Colorful and expressive, the artisans at Frantoio D'Orazio have created a classic extra virgin olive oil to add to your collection! Using colors and patterns that evoke imagery of the Puglia region, the tin complements the vibrantly grassy and herbaceous D'Aragona extra virgin olive oil perfectly.

Balance, body and sweetness. Notes of fresh fruit and a pleasant scent of grapes.

Agromonte’s Organic Ready to use Cherry Tomato pasta sauce is made with cherry tomatoes cultivated by certified organic methods, abiding by nature’s rules. Cherry tomatoes are picked by hand and transformed by using traditional and authentic processes. The sauce is seasoned with celery, carrots, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil, all of which are ingredients of organic agriculture. Gluten Free 100% Vegan.

Marco Aurelio wheat – the Italian, good and high performance durum wheat emperor. Selected as a result of 15 years of research, it is an important grain which bears an important name and, like a true emperor, has stood out in the rankings of the best Italian grains for years.